Ballscrew support bearings are specially configured and designed to provide extra axial strength, accuracy and elevated thrust loading for use with ball or lead screws. Typically, ball screw support type bearings use angular contact bearings, which are available in duplex, triplex and quadruplex configurations. Other ballscrew support type bearings contain separate thrust and radial roller bearings in a single assembly.

Important considerations when specifying ballscrew support bearings are, load ratings, size - design envelope requirements, and operating speed. We provide support bearings for all sizes and types of ballscrew. The support bearings come in two different types either Black Oxide or Nickel Plated depending on your requirements. Nickel plated support bearings provide extra protection from corrosion in harsh environments. Spacers, locknuts and circlips are supplied with all support bearings where required.

Ballscrew End/Support Bearing Downloads- Comparison Chart

Ballscrew End/Support Bearings

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